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Gelli Baff

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Turn bath time into fun time with Gelli Baff. Gelli Baff is a very unique product that turns water into thick colourful goo, and back again into water by simply adding the 2nd dissolver powder.

Each Box Contains: 1x 150g Gelli Baff Powder, 1 x 150g dissolver, 1 x Instruction leaflet


Sodium Polyacrylate, Parfum, Cl 17200, Sodium Chloride

Step 1: Slowly Sprinkle Gelli Baff Powder to transform water into thick colourful goo!
Step 2: When playtime is over, add the 2nd dissolver powder to turn the goo back into water and safely drain away!


Not suitable for children under 3. Adult supervision required at all times. Product will be slippery. Take care when entering and exiting the bath. Do not stand up. Non-edible product. DO NOT EAT. If product get into eyes, wash for 10 minutes. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. For sensitive skin, test a small amount on skin first Do not pour slime baff or gelli baff powder into bath without water. Do not empty onto grass.

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