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Top travel toys for kids

by Developer Designer 24 Nov 2022

Travelling with kids can be stressful as it is, especially when you're tasked with keeping them occupied on longer trips. But with a little help from their favourite toys, it doesn't have to be such a challenge. By bringing the fun anywhere, you can keep smiles on those little dials and enjoy the wonderful world around you as you head out on your adventure.

Here are some of our favourite toys for travel.

Magnetic art cases

There are many options in this category to choose from, but there’s no doubt that some of our favourites are those from Mieredu, including the Dino World design.

Experimenting with magnet pieces, these games offer kids the opportunity to don the role of scientists and experience the joy of creativity and imagination as they go. Featuring 70 - 100 magnets, one to three sheets, and a wipe-clean marker, these magnetic games allow for on-the-go entertainment when you’re on the road. Oh, and with zero mess.

Colouring sets by Tiger Tribe

Colouring has always been a top pick for kids and adults alike, so naturally, we’re including Tiger Tribe’s very own colouring sets on our list.

A popular design is the Aussie Animals set, featuring a plethora of koalas, kookaburras, and wombats to colour in and bring to life. It’s Australiana at its finest and designed for easy use while you’re travelling with the kids.

It’s mess-free creative play at its finest, giving your little ones plenty of amusement on your trip, with 36 pages to colour and complete, 10 colourful markers to keep them busy and 5 sticker sheets to get creative with.

Sticker books

Who knew you could get much out of peeling stickers off and onto pages? But it turns out you can, and that’s because this exercise tests children's fine motor skills and creativity, while also teaching them plenty of facts and storytelling along the way.

In fact, we consider a good sticker book a travel essential for any parent. Not only do they provide entertainment for hours on end, but they’re always a sure-fire way to keep the kids happy, no matter the occasion, without mess to clean up afterwards.

We especially love the Mini Sticker Book of Pirates, featuring more than 255 per book and 15 sheets of fun to enjoy.

 Top Model

For little ones that like to get glamorous, Top Model is one travel buddy you cannot go without. Containing a box full of colourful templates, this product lets kids get creative with makeup and colours, shading their way to completion with stencils, palettes of cosmetic and makeup tools and more. If you’re looking for something outside the box, this is it.

Looking for more ideas? Remember to explore our entire website for classics and new additions, ready to be shipped out to your door.

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