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Perfect stocking fillers for the kids this Christmas

by Developer Designer 12 Dec 2022

Sometimes those good, old stockings on the tree can look a little lacklustre when there’s still room to move inside. And even though you’ve already stocked them full of something special, they may just need the finishing touches to fill up any remaining space – we get it!

Enter, stocking fillers. These small gifts are often inexpensive items such as confectionery, toys, or trinkets that are there to give stockings a tad more substance, all the while keeping the kids happy.

And while they may not be the main focus of the day, they can be a fun way to surprise children on Christmas morning with something unexpected tucked away in the corner of their stocking.

Below is a list of some of our favourites, ready to accompany your Xmas goodies these holidays.

Nee Doh - Shaggy Stress Ball

Even though kids may not feel the everyday stresses that we adults tend to, there’s something undeniably soothing about squeezing one of these Nee Doh balls. Designed for small and bigger kids alike (yes, even you!), these are a great way to fill up space in this year’s Xmas stocking.

Bouncing Putty Colour Wheel

Putty is one of those things that will simply never go out of fashion when it comes to toys and tidbits. The Bouncing Putty Colour Wheel is a new take on an old classic, introducing six vibrant colours for stretchy, non-mess fun where the only limit is your child’s imagination. And let’s face it, you’ll probably get a kick out of it too.

Fidget Hand Spinners

If you thought fidget spinners had been and gone, think again. Based on Newton’s law, these timeless toys are perfect for stocking fillers for the entire family – adults too. Whether you take them for a spin as a form of stress relief or let your child use them as a mode of entertainment, there’s plenty to love about these toys.

Slime Making Kit

If you don’t mind a bit of mess going on, this Hot Neon Coloured Slime Making Kit has your little one’s name all over it. Introduce a touch of science and plenty of fun to your Christmas lineup with 175 grams of slimy experimentation, complete with an array of awesome colours to top it off.

Note that this particular product is not recommended for kids under the age of three.

Simpl Dimpl

For something unique, the Simpl Dimpl is another winner in our books, perfect for anyone young or old. Just like fidgets, these toys are made to be rattled around and touched, giving lots of sensory stimulation. Poke, prod and pop to your heart’s content.

The two buttons are also made of 100% silicone and non-hazardous materials, suitable for kids of all ages.

This year is bound to keep you busy with prepping for Santa’s big day, but with these easy gift ideas in tow, you can easily fill up your family’s stockings and know there’ll still be hours of entertainment in store. For more ideas, browse our website to see the latest additions we have in stock, as well as new releases and upcoming specials.
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