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How to choose the right micro scooter

Micro scooters have long been one of those toys that are just ‘cool’ to have, but these days, they’re also a great way for kids to get around safely. Able to be ridden on a variety of surfaces, and now boasting plenty of age-appropriate designs to choose from we believe a micro scooter should be on the must-have list for any growing child. 

So how do you choose the right one? 

First thing’s first: consider all options 

When you’re hunting around for the most appropriate design for your little one, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, including:

- The age of your child: Micro scooters are generally suitable for children aged 5 years and up. If your child is younger than 5, they may find it difficult to use one, but some are designed for younger age groups, so read the specifications carefully. 

- The weight of your child: Most micro scooters are designed for children who weigh up to 50kg. Assess the brand’s instructions and details to see what guidance they provide on weight ranges for each specific product. 

- The height of your child: These products are generally more suited to children who are between 110cm and 160cm tall, but this also depends on the amount they can be adjusted and the brand’s overall designs. 

But if you’re asking us for our top picks for micro scooters, here are some of our favourites… 

Mini2Go Deluxe Plus 

When it comes to choosing the right micro scooter for kids, the Mini2Go Deluxe Plus is a great

option for children aged 1-5 years old. This scooter features a wide deck and three wheels for stability, making it perfect for little ones who are just learning to get around. But the best part is the parents’ handlebar, allowing you to guide your child and keep them safe as they move around on the scooter. 

As your child grows, you can adjust parts of the design to suit their skill level and age, making it a good long-term investment. 

Mini Micro Deluxe

The Mini Micro Deluxe is ideal for kids aged 2-5 years and is designed with a stable three-wheel design, an easy-to-use steering system and a reimagined take on an old classic. 

With the traditional brake remaining at the back-end, this option is perfect for a non-fuss option that’s as durable as it looks. 

Sprites Scooters

Sprites Scooters are suitable for 5 years onwards, with the Micro Sprite being the most economical. Its sturdy, high-quality construction combined with its wide assortment of colours put it head and shoulders above the crowd. 

Featuring high-quality polyurethane wheels, a lightweight design and adjustable handlebars, this range will always be at the top of the list for scooter lovers. 

The Maxi Deluxe Pro

Typically suited for kids that aren’t quite ready for two-wheeled alternatives, the Maxi Deluxe Pro combines balance with style. 

Swiss-designed and featuring trendy ‘Chopper’ handlebars, the scooter is able to withstand up to 50kg of weight. With a raised silicon deck and a non-slip finish, the intuitive craftsmanship of the Maxi Deluxe Pro will impress any child, complete with its unique lean-to-steer action.

 So what’s stopping you? Get the wheels rolling with our scooter range at Toybox Tales now.

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