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Active family activities perfect for bonding

by Peter Magee 07 Nov 2022

From hiking and biking to playing video games together, there are many active family activities perfect for bonding, but sometimes getting active and physical is also a priority. 

Being active together is a great way to bond as a family, getting everyone out of the house, away from screens, and moving their bodies. Plus, it’s an easy way to teach kids about remaining up and physical, and taking care of their bodies. 

Here are our suggestions for some easy at-home active things to do as a family. 

Kite flying 

For generations, kite flying has been a popular activity for all ages, and it’s not likely to get lost in the history books anytime soon. As a great way to bond with the entire family, it also gets everyone outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, no matter their interests. 

The best part is, it’s easy enough to learn, and you can do it in any open space. Just be sure to fly in an area with plenty of room so everyone can enjoy the experience. And if you’re really feeling up to a challenge Stunt Kites make for the perfect way to kick this hobby up a notch. 

Flying discs

Flying discs – better known as frisbees – can be traced back to the late 1800s, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of fashion since. 

Today, there are many different types and brands of flying discs available (especially on our shelves), but the basic concept is still the same: to have fun while spending time with family and friends. Plus, they’re also ideal for improving hand-eye coordination, teaching smaller children to catch up, and even for getting that heart rate up. 

Safe Darts

Believe it or not, there is such thing as a Safe Darts Set. While this sport may be a popular bar game, it’s also a great way to bond with the family and spend time together at home – without the risks. 

This particular set is made from hazard-free materials and pieces, so no one is risking an eye during a session. Featuring soft tips and a reusable, durable board, you can teach the entire family what it means to practice good sportsmanship, knowing injuries aren’t on the agenda. 

Pop Rockets 

Shooting up to 100 feet in the air, Pop Rockets are an exciting moment to experience with the whole family. With plenty of coloured refills to choose from, this crowd-favourite will always be on our list of things to do outside, no matter the age group. 

Tip: Did you know you can make your very own Pop Rocket? If you’re up for getting the family into some DIY arts and crafts, here’s how you can create one at home together: 

  1. Gather your materials. You'll need a plastic soda bottle, some tape, a straw, and a bicycle pump. 
  1. Cut the bottom off of the soda bottle. This will be the part of the rocket that you blow into. 
  1. Tape the straw to the side of the bottle top. This will be your nozzle. 
  1. Pump up the rocket by blowing into the bottom of the bottle. Once it's full, point the nozzle up and release! 

When it comes to family time, making quality time a priority can be hard. However, it is important to find ways to connect with your loved ones in active and upbeat ways. If this list isn’t enough, try getting out and about on a family nature walk, or head out for a day on the sandy shores of your local beach. 

Of course, don’t forget to stock up on all the essentials you’ll need to make your active family time the most exciting it can be. Explore Toybox Tales now.

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