The Epic Fail Game

The Epic Fail Game

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A bit about this amazing new game from the founders:

The Epic Fail Game is a set of challenge cards designed to teach kids - and their grown-ups - skills that promote resilience, creativity and mindfulness.

It's created on the premise that failure is really important in the process of finding joy and being inventive. Yet our society seems to collectively do more to shelter our kids from failing than ever before - we know, we're recovering helicopter parents! As a result, kids are becoming more anxious.

So, drawing on ground-breaking brain and behavioural research, we designed these challenges to tackle the issue from all sides - head challenges (engaging logic and the rational mind); heart challenges (emotive and social play); hands challenges (physical games challenging our senses and motor skills). Some of the challenges are about unlocking creative expression, some are about changing the way you think or describe something, some are physical, some are team activities and some are individual challenges. But most of all it's designed to be fun!

What's in the box?

20 group play cards for the whole family/class/etc to play together;

10 brave new day cards that kids can do on their own - encouraging them to take their new found fail skills to the real world!

The kit also comes with a little booklet for parents to read through and continue to find new ways to keep the fail journey going for their families.

Why this is a great time to talk about failing:

The conversation about how we prepare our kids for an unknown future - for jobs that don't exist yet - or for a lifetime of reinventing their careers over and over again - has really struck a nerve with lots of parents today. Ultimately, the only way we can prepare them is by helping them put themselves out there, be agile, bounce back quickly and embrace failure. And what better way to teach than through play.

That's why our mission targets both kids and their grownups. While the challenge cards are playful, quirky and light-hearted, we ultimately want to share the importance of shifting the conversation with parents, giving them practical tools and ways in to redefine success, role-model vulnerability and connect with their kids (away from devices and netflix). 

Finally, the game is beautifully illustrated and recently (2020) won the Franke Magazine Good Stuff award for best design!

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