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Your Guide to the Difference Between Baby's First Baby Walker

by Peter Magee 18 Apr 2023

As a new parent, it's natural to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of baby products on the market, especially for items that promise to aid your little one's development. Baby walkers are one such item that can be both helpful and confusing.  

In this guide, we'll look closer at baby walkers, so you'll better understand what is suitable for your child and which type to choose. 

What is a Baby Walker?

A baby walker helps babies move around independently before they can walk alone. There are two main types of baby walkers: 

  • Walk-and-Ride: It typically has a frame with four wheels and a handlebar for the child to hold. The frame supports a fabric seat or platform that the baby can sit or stand on, depending on their stage of development.
  • Push walkers: These are for babies already standing and need support with walking. They have a handle the baby can hold onto and push around as they take their first steps.

Wooden Push Walker Vs a Walk & Ride

Both wooden push walkers and walk-and-ride walkers benefit a child's development. They also have some key differences that may make one more suitable depending on your child's needs:

Keeping it Simple with A Wooden Push Walker

The Tooky Toy Baby Walker and the BRIO Toddler Wobbler are wooden push walkers that provide stability and support for babies as they take their first steps. They both have:

  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • Four wheels
  • Handlebar to push the walker around.

A Tooky Toy Walk & Learn walker, on the other hand, is a more interactive and educational option. It has a similar wooden frame with four wheels and a handlebar. It also includes a variety of:

  • Sensory toys
  • Puzzles
  • Other educational features to develop cognitive and motor skills through play. 
  • Are recommended for ages 18 months up. 

Getting Busy with Walk & Ride Walkers

Walk & Ride baby walkers are popular for parents who want to help their little ones learn to walk and explore their surroundings. These come in various styles, but they're all a fun and safe way for babies to move around and engage with the world around them.

One of the main benefits of Walk & Ride baby walkers is they provide a stable and secure base for babies to stand and take their first steps. Many models have broad bases and sturdy frames that help prevent tipping or wobbling, which can reassure babies and parents.

In addition to helping babies learn to walk, Walk & Ride baby walkers, they also encourage other types of play and exploration. Some models have built-in toys that keep babies entertained and engaged for hours.

What's Right For Your Baby: Wooden Push Walker Vs Walk & Ride

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when choosing between a wooden push walker and a Walk & Ride baby walker. Both types can be beneficial for babies who are learning to walk and explore their surroundings.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your individual baby's needs. If your baby is learning to walk and needs a stable base to support them, a wooden push walker may be the better choice. However, if your baby is more mobile and active and enjoys a variety of toys and activities, a Walk & Ride baby walker may be a more suitable option.

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