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Why is keeping a clean and updated playroom so important?

by Developer Designer 22 Dec 2022

Kids love to play at the best of times, but how they do and where is just as important as what they play with. In fact, a majority of parents don’t realise how the space (like a playroom) that kids spend their time in can have a monumental impact on their little one's development.

In essence, a clean and well-organised playroom provides a safe and stimulating environment for your child to explore and learn in. Further to this, it teaches them crucial skills about respecting the space around them and how to treat their own belongings.

So, in this article, we’re examining how a tidy playroom can make all the difference and why rotating toys is the next most important step to take.

Why is keeping a clean playroom so essential?

  1. It encourages learning and exploration

When you sit down to work in an area that’s seen better days and needs a good clean-up, your productivity and mood are likely to suffer. Kids are no different when it comes to playtime. A cluttered and messy space can be overwhelming for young children – too many toys and too much chaos can actually discourage learning and exploration.

Instead, a tidy and organised playroom will invite your child to explore all the different toys and materials at their disposal. This encourages them to try new things, which is essential for their cognitive development.

  1. It promotes creativity children learn by doing

If their play environment is all over the place, it can be difficult for kids to create new ideas. A neat and tidy playroom gives kids the freedom to let their creativity flow without distraction. When everything has a place, it is easier for children to focus and design – much like us adults.

  1. It gives children a sense of pride

One of the key methods to developing strong self-esteem in children is to encourage them to do things on their own. When a child can put something away and make the smart choice to do so, it gives them a sense of accomplishment. It also teaches them how to be responsible for their belongings and respect the space around them.

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to respect the things they own and how to treat the space they’re allowed to play in. This is especially important for children who have too many toys and not enough space to store them. The best way to avoid this problem is by organising the toys now, and showing them how to do the same.

And that’s exactly where rotating toys comes in…

Why rotate toys?

Is it necessary to switch toys around every now and then? No, but we recommend it. Here’s why.

First, rotating toys helps to keep things fresh for kids. If they see the same toys all the time, they'll quickly get bored. But if they’re introduced to new ones every few weeks or months, they'll always have something to look forward to and fresh ideas to explore.

Second, a clean and organised play space is important for safety; if there are too many toys out at once, it can be easy for kids to trip and fall. By rotating toys and keeping those not in use stored away, you can rest assured your little ones are out of the danger zone (and the room will look far better for it).


Easy tips for rotating toys in your playroom

  1. Choose a designated day or time each week to rotate toys. This will help you stay on top of it and ensure that it becomes part of your routine. Kids will also learn how to be patient as exciting additions are added to their collection.
  1. Store toys that are not being used in bins or baskets out of sight. You can rotate toys on shelving or in storage boxes – whatever way works best for you.
  1. Put away toys that are not being used. This will help keep the toybox and playroom organised and clutter-free!
  1. Clean up any toys that are broken, missing pieces or have been outgrown. Give away toys that no longer get all the attention – charities are always in need.
  1. Always keep books on display, and update regularly. It’s important to encourage children to read when possible, so having new titles on hand will entice them to pick one up over something less ‘beneficial’ to their development.

What will you include in your toybox this week?

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