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The Best Toys for Babies and Their Development

Babies are born learning and developing from their very first moment earthside. Every day, they grow new neural connections and build new skills, even if we don’t realise it. So naturally, choosing toys that support this natural process is important. 

The tricky part is that there are so many options to choose from out there, but not all of them are equally as beneficial. When choosing a toy for your baby, look for ones that encourage exploration and discovery, or that stimulate sensory development, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. 

See below for some of our top picks at Toybox Tales. 

Sensory Set - Koala Buddies from Tiger Tribe 

There's nothing cuter than koalas, and when you pair them with Tiger Tribe's cute and cuddly sensory set, you get something you really won't want to miss out on. This adorable product encourages infant development while boasting a range of features that embrace the senses, from touch to sight and sound. 

They're also made from super-soft corduroy, giving little bubs the perfect opportunity to engage in a different texture and enjoy the cuddliness at the same time. And with a tummy made of soft faux fur, an embroidered nose, and a velvety body, there's plenty of fun to be had in the diverse craftsmanship. 

Lilith the Llama Activity Rubber Ring 

Sometimes all you need is something simple to keep fussy bubs entertained. And naturally, Lilith the Llama does just that, presenting an all-natural rubber ring teether that features an earthy colour palette and additional 100% cotton fabric parts. Ideal for little hands and mouths to get busy on, this teething toy is more than your standard option - designed with a loop that lets you attach it to strollers, car seats and even your carrier, it's the perfect companion for everyday use. 

Oh, and it's organically made, and OE100 certified. 

Kaper Kidz Animal Bell Sticks 

What's better than cute animal toys that are also made from high-quality wood? Ones that make noise. 

Introducing Kaper Kidz Animal Bell Sticks, made from smoothly finished materials that are 100% safe for young bubs. Armed with plenty of bells to keep little ones happy and entertained, each piece is carefully secured and designed to make soft-sounding noises. With four designs to choose from, you can take your pick or build up your collection as you go. 

The sticks are also ideal for ages 0+. 

Comforter Blankets 

As an extremely popular option on the market these days, comforter blankets of any kind are always a great product to pick up for babies. Made from soft and lightweight materials, typically cotton or bamboo, they're perfect for keeping bubs calm, relaxed and comfortable. They also often feature different textures, colours and patterns, helping babies learn about various sensations as they embrace them. 

But more importantly, they're incredibly adorable, and there are so many designs to choose from. Right now, we're especially loving Lulu the Lamb and Bella the Bunny.

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