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Sprinkling Magic in Childhood: The Captivating World of Mobi Toys at Toybox Tales

by Peter Magee 03 Jul 2023

Step into the radiant world of childhood wonder and delight, where imagination reigns supreme and every toy brings a sprinkle of magic. 

At Toybox Tales - your one-stop shop for the enchanting world of Mobi Toys, every shelf gleams with vibrant hues, each toy whispers tales of joy, and every corner echoes childhood giggles.

Mobi Toys are more than mere playthings; they are creative companions woven into the fabric of joyous childhood memories. Their whimsical designs, imaginative themes, and beautiful colours inspire, engage, and entertain our little ones.

A Peek at Mobi Toys that Encourage Creative Play

Every Mobi Toy is a box full of imagination waiting to be unlocked, even from the littlest of learners. Let's take a peek into this enchanting collection that encourages creative play and learning:


Let's spotlight one of Mobi Toys' shining stars: the delightful Wigloo! Like a bubble of joy, Wigloo ignites imagination and fosters the creative spirit in every child. 

While it may look simple, these toys offer more than their minimalistic design. This quirky, multi-textured toy has endless possibilities. Unfettered by any defined purpose, it invites kids to a world without rules, limits, and pure, undiluted creativity.

Wigloo is a fidget toy that sparks sensory exploration with its unique tactile surfaces and enticingly squeezable form. As it twists, turns, and pops, children can engage in sensory play that stimulates their curiosity and aids their motor skill development. 

Beyond its use as a sensory tool, the Wigloo also inspires imaginative play. It could become a spiralling galaxy one moment, a cute, wiggly creature the next, or even a spinning top. 


The Woblii is like a joyful little friend that adds a touch of whimsy to every playtime, making it an unforgettable adventure.

Just one look at the Woblii, and you'll find its bright colours and playful design irresistible. Shaped like an adorable creature from a child's imagination, Woblii promises a journey of discovery filled with giggles, fascination, and surprises. 

It is an interactive toy that encourages physical play and the development of fine motor skills. Its unique, round and wobbly structure offers a delightful challenge for children to balance, tip, and spin, turning every playtime into a fun exercise session. 

As children explore different ways to interact with this toy, they engage their muscles and minds, learning about cause and effect, balance, and spatial awareness. Woblii embodies Mobi's philosophy of playful learning.


The vibrant and delightful Zippee keeps tiny hands busy and little minds engaged. Its charming, colourful design, composed of flexible silicone strings threaded through a sturdy plastic shell, invites endless exploration and enjoyment.

The real beauty of Zippee lies in its simple yet intriguing design. The silicone strings can be pushed, pulled, or moved side to side, providing a satisfying tactile experience that little fingers can't resist. 

Each tug, pull, and slide promotes fine motor skills development and introduces young learners to the concepts of movement, cause and effect, and tactile sensation. It's a multi-sensory adventure. As children interact with it, they discover a range of textures, movements, and resistance.

In essence, Zippee celebrates play, exploration, and imagination. It's a testament to Mobi's commitment to creating fun, educational, and inspiring toys.

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