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Puzzles for kids at different ages: Why they’re a must

by Developer Designer 17 Nov 2022

While offering a challenging activity, no matter your age, puzzles especially offer children a bunch of benefits that influence early development - from memory skills to testing their ability to plan and strategise.

So, there's no doubt that these age-old classics are here to stay; which ones should you include in your toybox depending on your little one's age?

The many benefits of puzzles for kids

Problem-solving and logic are huge parts of developing and fine-tuning the abilities that set us up for the life skills we need later down the track. And luckily, puzzles embrace these needs, helping us to improve a whole variety of capabilities as kids. Even older children can benefit from completing a puzzle or two on a rainy day (not to mention adults, too).

But beyond this, puzzles also get kids to dabble with being creative and solving problems. By using shapes and positions to tackle the task in front of them, they’re able to explore how they can reach an answer by experimenting.

Puzzles can also be a fun way for kids to spend time with family or friends, acting as a great way to take a much-needed break away from digital screens. In addition, they're especially handy at strengthening the connection between our brain cells and our ability to recall information. In other words, they're incredibly helpful in aiding short-term memory.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Beginner Puzzles by Toi

Suitable for toddlers and babies, these white hexagon-shaped boxes feature numerous beginner puzzles that are designed to excite children with cartoon-like visuals. The simplicity of the product also ensures that there’s plenty of fun to be had, minus the frustration.

 Best of all, the pieces are particularly large and easy for youngsters to hold and manipulate, and the colours on the backings help them distinguish one piece from another.

Chunky Wooden Puzzles by Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug’s range has long been a favourite of ours (and our customers), with their large-styled pieces on thick wood, complete with chunky, vibrant designs. Each product is meticulously created to let little hands grasp each piece easily, as well as embrace fine motor skills as they go along.

These puzzles are most suitable for two to four-year-olds. We especially love the Safari Chunky Puzzle.

The Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzles

Featuring 36 pieces, these puzzles are suitable for ages three and up. Watch your little one enjoy a high-quality design that’s carefully boxed and topped with a recessed lid, all with every piece made for small hands in particular. Oh, and they’re designed not to break.

Choose the Jungle Friends puzzle for a good starting point.

The Ravensburger range

Since 1881, Ravensburger has been crafting some of the world's most renowned jigsaw puzzles, so this wouldn’t be a good list without a mention of this iconic brand.

We especially love the Northern Wolves 150 Piece Puzzle, and not just because it’s a bestseller. Featuring intricate pieces that depict a stunning arctic night and the harsh northern ocean waves, this is a popular option for older kids and adults to work on.

And of course, if you’re looking for more inspiration, Toybox Tales has an ever-expanding range of puzzles suitable for kids and adults alike. Check out our long list of options and buy online or in-store now.

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