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Fostering Development Through Play With Remote-Controlled Toys for Kids

by Peter Magee 05 Jun 2023

We all know there's much more to a child's playtime than simply having a fun with toys. It's also a critical period for learning and development, and there's a way to elevate play to a new level of fun and learning.

Enter the world of remote-controlled toys. At Toybox Tales, we have the perfect choices for kids aged two and up. These nifty toys make playtime more exciting, nurture essential skills like hand-eye coordination and help your children understand the basics of action and consequence. 

How Do Remote-Controlled Toys Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination?

As your little one maneuvers their Tooko My First RC Bumper Car or a slightly older child discovers the firey myth of their HEXBUG Dragon, a fascinating thing is happening: they're actively enhancing their hand-eye coordination! 

The child uses their hands to control the toy while watching its movement, creating a direct link between visual cues and hand movements. This real-time feedback trains their brain to process visual information and swiftly translate it into precise hand actions. 

They're learning to respond quickly and accurately to their surroundings. So, every time your child races a remote-controlled car or flies a drone, they're not just having fun – they're also honing an essential skill!

Understanding Action and Consequence through Play

Ever watch your child's eyes light up as they make their remote-controlled toy perform a trick? That's more than delight – it's a realisation of cause and effect. 

Through play, kids begin to understand the concept of action and consequence. For instance, if they steer their toy car into a wall, it will crash. If they make it leap off a ramp, it will soar. 

The Joy of Remote-Controlled Toys: Fun and Learning Combined

Remote-controlled toys are the epitome of 'learning through play'! These tech-filled playthings take the thrill of playtime up several notches while imparting valuable lessons. 

Be it a giant crane with a remote or a car zipping around in the backyard, your child is engrossed in action and developing cognitive skills, coordination, and an understanding of cause and effect. These toys are like hidden tutors, making the learning process joyful. 

Recommended Remote-Controlled Toys for Different Age Groups

Whether you're hunting for the perfect toy for a curious two-year-old or a gadget-loving eight-year-old, don't worry - we've selected safe, suitable, and joy-inducing toys to bring joy to your child's face: 

  • Ages 2+: Tooko RC toys are ideal for ages two and onwards. They have simple controls that toddlers can easily hold in their tiny hands.
  • Ages 3+:  Brio remote-control engines that take train sets to a new level for play.
  • Ages 6+: Xtrem Bots Rex the Dinobot is a remote-control programmable robot that takes your kids to explore a historical era.
  • Ages 8+: For the slightly older child, Tobbie II coding robot is the perfect remote control toy for budding engineers.

Toybox Tales Has Your Covered

Ready to add extra fun and learning to your child's playtime? Toybox Tales has you covered! We're dedicated to providing the best remote-controlled toys to stimulate development and unleash a world of joy, exploration, and growth for your little one.

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