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4 Best Toys for Camping Trips

by Peter Magee 19 Jan 2023

Camping is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while creating memories with family and friends. With the right toys, camping trips can be even more fun! 

While you may think that toys aren't needed when spending time out in the Australian bush, preparation to make the experience of camping more exciting and spending time away from screens. 

This article lists the best toys to bring camping with you to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible for everyone. From outdoor sports equipment to nature kits, there is something for each family member so they can enjoy their time outdoors.

Our List of Must-Have Toys for Camping

Knowing which toys to bring along makes all the difference, whether you are headed out for a weekend to a beachside camping spot or an extended stay at your favourite campsite. Here's our list of must-have toys that will help make your next adventure unforgettable.  

  1. Ride-Ons for the Whole Family

Ride-Ons are the perfect way to keep the whole family entertained. Everyone can enjoy a scooter ride, from toddlers to adults. A ride-on has it all, whether you're looking for a fun way to spend outdoor family time or want to add extra thrills and excitement to your camping trip.  

Remember your helmets because even though your family is scootering around your camping spot, accessories keep everyone safe to enjoy their break away. 

  1. Active Toys

Active toys are the perfect way to keep children entertained during the summer and year-round camping. They not only get kids to make the most of the wide open spaces when camping, but they also help them grow physically and mentally. 

Whether it's chasing a footy, honing boomerang skills, or having a family hit of the cricket bat, these active toys are fun for the kids, and the whole family can join in together. 

  1. Toy Figurine Animals

Let your kid's imagination run wild with a tribe of dinosaurs or wooden Australian animals. They can use their imagination to create muddy swamps and tree-stump castles that last for days of creative play. If you have access to a beach near your camping location, it's an ideal toy for sand play and bringing your sand castles to life. 

These toys are reasonably small, so they are easy to pack in what is likely to be an already full car or caravan. 

  1. Nature Kits

Nature kits for camping are great for your kids to explore the outdoors. They provide a fantastic way to explore and learn about the local environment. With everything from binoculars to a bug spotter kit, you can put together items in a small backpack for your children to make discoveries around your campsite. 

Bonus Toy Choice: Dump Trucks

There is nothing better than taking dump trucks and cars camping to carry dirt and create tracks while making the most of the endless dirt, mud and sand.

Buy Toys Online for Camping with Toybox Tales

Are you getting ready for your next camping trip? Browse our selection of toys, ideal for your next adventure. Want to know more about a product? Contact us for more information.

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