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Soothing the Senses with Fidget Toys for School

by Peter Magee 19 Jun 2023

While some may consider fidgeting at school bad, it's not. Sensory and fidget toys can reassure children and adults by stimulating their senses so they can complete their work and have a more positive experience in a bustling school environment. 

This blog post will examine how fidget toys for school can be a wonderfully comforting experience, ideal for fun and focus. 

The Fidget Phenomenon: More Than Just a Toy

You might be surprised to know that those little gizmos kids love to twist, squish, and spin are more than just trendy distractions.  

They are excellent tools for enhancing concentration, reducing anxiety, and providing a sensory outlet for those with ADHD, Autism, or simply an excess of energy.

These toys have become a familiar sight from the classrooms to the playgrounds. Let's take a sneak peek into our toybox and reveal some favourites: 

1. Get Suishy with Nee-Doh

Unleash the power of squishiness with Nee-Doh! These delightful stress balls are soft, squishable fidget toys filled with material that's irresistible to squeeze. 

From vibrant colours to groovy glow-in-the-dark options, Nee-Doh brings a fun, sensory experience into your or your kid's hands. So why not add a splash of colour and much enjoyment to your day? 

Get squishy, get creative, and most importantly, get stress-free with Nee-Doh! 

2. The Magic of Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners took the world by storm a few years back. Remember when every kid's hand was perpetually spinning a three-pronged gadget? 

Well, they're still just as cool, but more importantly, they're beneficial as a stress reliever for kids at school. These spinning wonders offer an appealing combination of visual and tactile stimulation to help channel restlessness into calm focus.

3. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty: Squeeze Your Stress Away

In the world of sensory toys, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty holds a special place. 

The soft, pliable putty lets kids squish and stretch it making it an excellent fidget toy for school. Plus, they come in mesmerising colours and varieties - glowing, heat-sensitive, magnetic - you name it!

4. Squeeze, Stretch, Focus: The Role of Mouldable Toys in School Settings

Have you ever considered how squeeze and stretch toys could be the perfect fidget companions for school? These fascinating toys provide a hands-on experience that's both calming and engaging. 

Your kids are doing more than just playing when they're squeezing, moulding, or stretching these toys. You're providing your kid's brain with a healthy outlet for the energy that might otherwise distract you in class. 

Whether mouldable squeeze & stretch dinosaurs or squeeze & stretch unicorns, these toys can transform restlessness into focused creativity. They also serve as excellent stress relief, concentration, and tactile exploration tools.

Encouraging Fidget Toy Use in the Classroom

If you feel that fidget toys will help your child in the classroom, talk to them first about how these gadgets can help them stay focussed. Let them know it's a tool, not a toy, for their use during quiet work or as needed.

Encourage them to squeeze or twiddle with the toy when they feel restless instead of getting distracted or disrupting others. It's about learning to channel their energy more productively.

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