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Getting Crafty With Kids 8 Years and Up

by Peter Magee 28 Mar 2023

Arts and crafts are excellent ways for children to express their creativity. When engaging in hands-on learning, younger kids may require more guidance; children aged eight years and up are typically capable of handling more complex projects that can challenge their imagination and problem-solving abilities.

This blog will explore some exciting and age-appropriate craft ideas for children aged eight years and up that you will find in our Toybox Tales store.

Sewing & Crochet Kits

Sewing and crochet kits are a great way to introduce kids to the world of crafting and encourage their creativity. These kits usually contain everything needed to complete a project, including instructions, fabric, wool, and needles.

When selecting a sewing or crochet kit for a child, it's essential to choose a project that is age-appropriate and matches their skill level, such as the Calm & Breezy Knitting Craft Kit, the Small World Toys Sewing Machine, Easy-to-do Crochet Kit or getting back to basics with a Knitting Nancy.

Engrave & Paint Designs

The Etch-A-Tag Engraver is a fun and creative toy for kids to create designs. It is a battery-operated device that uses a diamond-tip stylus to etch designs onto surfaces, giving kids a unique and engaging way to express their creativity.

Used freehand to allow children to create their designs without any limitations, they can use their imagination, making each engraving unique and one-of-a-kind. It's easy to use, compact, and the diamond-tip stylus is safe and easy to control, allowing kids to engrave their designs easily.

Creative Quilling for Kids

Quilling is a fun and easy art form that involves rolling, shaping, and gluing narrow paper strips to create designs and patterns. It's a great craft activity for kids to help develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and patience.

Our simple kits are great for creating decorative designs, along with coiling paper to make jewellery and other fantastic items. Quilling projects enable your child to experiment with different shapes and designs to create unique creations. 

Intricate Kaleidoscope Design                    

A kaleidoscope is a fascinating optical instrument that creates mesmerizing and colourful patterns by reflecting and refracting light through a series of mirrors and coloured beads.             

Our Kidzlabs Kaleidoscope Making Kit is a great way to introduce your child to the dazzling patterns it makes and inspire their creativity by making their own. The kit includes a casing, a set of mirrors, a lens, various coloured beads and other objects to place inside the kaleidoscope. 

Building a kaleidoscope from a kit is a fun and educational activity that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and experimentation. It can also be a great bonding experience for families or friends, as everyone can work together to assemble and decorate their kaleidoscopes.

Discover Great Arts & Crafts for Your Kids

Arts and crafts are a fantastic way to encourage children's creativity, self-expression, and motor skills development. Whether it's painting, drawing, sculpture, or any other art form, there are endless possibilities for children to explore and experiment.

By providing children with the tools and materials they need to express themselves, parents and caregivers can help foster their imagination, curiosity, and confidence. So, don't hesitate to get your child involved in arts and crafts today - you never know where their creativity might take them!

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