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Experience a Rainbow of Fun with Honeysticks

by Peter Magee 04 Apr 2023

Rainbows are a universally loved sight, bringing joy and wonder to people of all ages. There's just something magical about how the colours blend seamlessly into each other, creating a stunning arc of colour across the sky. 

But what if your children could experience that same rainbow of fun in your everyday life? That's where Honeysticks comes in. Honeysticks is a company that creates eco-friendly, non-toxic crayons that are safe for children and bring a vibrant burst of colour to any art project. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of Honeysticks and explore how they're changing the game regarding art supplies.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Products for Your Child

As parents, we want to provide the best for our children, from the food they eat to the toys they use during play. One area that we may overlook, however, is the art supplies we give our kids. That's where Honeysticks comes in.

The company was founded in New Zealand by a father who wanted to provide his children with a safe and natural alternative to traditional art supplies. Honeysticks has since become a global leader in eco-friendly art supplies, with a mission to create products that are sustainable, non-toxic, and fun for children of all ages, such as the following:

Make Bathtime Fun with Crayons

Bathtime can be a challenging experience for parents trying to keep their kids entertained and happy while ensuring they get clean. However, with Honeysticks bath crayons, parents can make bathtime a fun and creative experience for their children.

Honeysticks bath crayons are made with natural, non-toxic materials, including beeswax and food-grade colourants, making them safe for children to use in the bathtub. These crayons have a smooth texture that glides effortlessly on wet surfaces, allowing children to create colourful designs on the walls of the bathtub.

They wash away easily with soap and water, leaving no residue behind. Parents can let their children get creative without worrying about leaving behind a mess or damaging the bathtub.

Introduce Paint with Brushes For Babies & Toddlers

Honeysticks brushes are made with natural materials and come in various sizes and shapes, making them easy for babies and toddlers to grip and use. Parents and caregivers can feel confident letting their little ones explore with Honeysticks brushes knowing they are safe and non-toxic.

One of the unique features of these brushes is they can be used with honey-based paint. Honey-based paint is made with all-natural ingredients, making it safe for young children to use and ingest. It also has a sweet smell and taste, making it an enjoyable sensory experience for babies and toddlers.

A Tactile Experience with Beeswax Crayons

Beeswax crayons are a unique type of crayon that offer a tactile and sensory experience, unlike any other art material. Made from natural beeswax and non-toxic pigments, these crayons provide a smooth and creamy texture that glides effortlessly on paper, creating vivid and vibrant colours.

One of the most notable features of beeswax crayons is their tactile quality. The natural warmth of the beeswax creates a soft and pliable crayon that is easy to grip and manipulate. 

The rich and vibrant colours are also a significant draw for young artists, allowing children to explore and experiment with various shades and hues. 

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