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Wordscout WIZ

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The super fun Fast Pace Words Card Game for the entire family.​
Use your letter cards to build words and win the game.

Age: 7+

Players: 2-6

Score the most cards


  • Shuffle the cards and give each player 5 cards
  • Place 10 cards face up to form the STOCK pile
  • Place the remaining cards face down to form the DRAW pile


  • Youngest player starts
  • Use your cards to form a word with the top letter from the STOCK pile
  • If you can form a word, you will score (get) all the cards you just used; then take a card from the DRAW pile
  • If you cannot form a word, take a card from the DRAW pile
  • Taking a new card ends your turn; the player to your left gets the chance to form a word now


  • You must use at least 3 cards to form a word (2 letter words are not allowed)
  • If you have used all your cards, take 5 new cards form the DRAW pile but don’t form a new word until your next turn
  • If you want to exchange cards, you may do so in a 2:1 ratio (return 2 to the bottom of the draw pile and take 1 new card) and that ends your turn


The round is over once a player forms a word with the letter on the last card of the STOCK pile


  • The player with the most cards wins the round
  • In a tie (equal amount of cards) the player who got the most A’s wins; if still tied move on to B’s; if still tied move on to C’s and so on


The player who first wins 3 rounds wins the game

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