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TIMIO wired headphones are safe, robust and equipped with comfy features to improve your child’s listening experience and your peace of mind.

TIMIO headphones work without battery or Bluetooth and are easy to use. Simply plug the cable in the headphone jack on the TIMIO player and your child can start listening to sounds, stories and music. The cable is detachable to maximize safety.

Not only are the TIMIO headphones adjustable, which allows them to grow with your child, but they are also lightweight and fit comfortably children from 3 to 12 years. They are foldable and compact so they fit in any bag and make them great for travel. Soft foam ear pads ensure cozy and comfortable listening. To protect the hearing of your child, a built-in volume limiter makes the headphones safe which means the volume will not go above 85 db.

The TIMIO headphones are equipped with an audio splitter which allows a second pair of headphones to be plugged in, so that your child can invite his best friends to share his or her listening experience.

The headphones can be used for any other audio device.

Technical specifications:

  • No need of batteries or Bluetooth
  • Compact and foldable
  • Limited to a volume of max. 85 dB to protect kids hearing
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 20 kHz
  • Driver unit: 40 mm
  • Cord length: 1,20 m
  • Plug: 3,5 mm
  • Size: 142 x 158 ~ 175 mm
  • Weight: 102 g (excluding cable)
  • Strong material to survive rough handling
  • Material: ABS, PU (artificial leather)
  • Certification: ROHS/CE
  • Age: 36 months – 12 years
  • Possibility to link 2 headphones to one device

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