Timio Discs: Set 3 (5 Timio Discs)

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5 Discs included that can be played in 8 languages: 

TIMIO Disc Set 3 grows your child’s vocabulary, intellect, and imagination. The set includes 5 discs for TIMIO, the educational, interactive audio and music player for kids.

Disc Set 3 offers a broad range of fun, exciting and engaging content (sounds, quizzes, music, vocabulary, children songs) for multiple ages on multiple subjects and in multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin).

Support your child’s speech, language and cognitive development through interactive play and let him or her discover vegetables, time, fairy tales vol. 1, alphabet A-L and alphabet M-Z!

TIMIO helps building connections between sounds and images that will turn into the vocabulary which your child will forever use to understand and interact with the world. 

Disc Set 3 content:

  • Fairy tales vol. 1
  • Time
  • Vegetables
  • Alphabet A-L
  • Alphabet M-Z

Running time: approx. 70 minutes (varies per language)

 The additional TIMIO content discs are more akin to an interactive magnetic face plate' and requires the TIMIO player to function. This is not a CD.

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