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Sophie La Girafe: Baby's Handprint Kit and Journal

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A baby’s first months of life are filled with wonder and exploration for parents and for baby – those tiny hands and feet, a first smile, and learning to crawl are inspiration for documenting everything. With Baby’s Handprint Kit and Journal with Sophie la girafe, parents will find a unique memento to keep for a lifetime. The clay handprint kit is easy to use and safe for baby. No baking or mixing required. Just open the dough, use the Sophie tin to shape it into a circle, make an impression of baby’s hands or feet (or both), and it will air-dry. The clay keepsake can be kept in its one-of-a-kind Sophie tin or displayed for years to come. The accompanying book is the perfect album for remembering the special moments with Sophie and friends. Together, they make a gift that is an amazing value and incredibly thoughtful.

Sophie la girafe was born in France on May 25, 1961. The more than 30 million people worldwide who have purchased the teething toy help to make Sophie the most recognizable and beloved giraffe on earth.

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