Exost Gravity Challenge

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Challenge Gravity and race against your opponent ! Build your own track set ! "Challenge Gravity ! Build your own track set !

Remote Control
Forward & Backward Trigger
Boost Button: 5s high speed
Infrared Control Car
Loading tube
Straight tube
Curve tube
Trick Also available Car racing without limit !

The 2 Players Racing Tubes set includes

  • 17 curved tubes
  • 3 long straight tubes
  • 5 short straight tubes
  • 1 set of overtake tubes
  • 1 set of jump tubes
  • 1 entrance tube
  • 1 cars
  • 1 remote controller

Practice on this track and customize it with accessories (sold separately) ! Transmitter batteries : 2xAAA (not included). Built-in car batteries : recharge via USB cable (included)"

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