Scandinavian Landscape Puzzle 500pc

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Ravensburger Scandinavian Landscape 500-Piece Puzzle is a perfect challenge for puzzle-loving kids and parents who wants their child to engage in the relaxing and productive world of puzzling.

With 500 puzzle pieces, the Ravensburger Landscape offers hours of quality entertainment. Let your little ones piece everything together or take this as one of those opportunities to engage in an activity with them. Featuring a house near the lake with blue skies and mountains as a background, the picturesque will give your child a sense of accomplishment after they get the job done.

Ravensburger has a vast collection of puzzles that reveal travel destinations, famous cities, landmarks, nature and even fantasy worlds. All of your finished puzzles are worthy of being framed and displayed in the room of your choice. Due to its beauty and quality, a lineup of Ravensburger landscapes can be considered as investments. There are a total of 25 Ravensburger puzzles to choose from and collect.


  • Ravensburger Scandinavian Landscape 500-Piece Puzzle is suitable for individual or group activity. Perfect for spending quality time with the family. 
  • Excellent display piece in your favourite room
  • A total of 25 displays to collect
  • Puzzle size: 49 x 36 cm
  • Box size: 34 x 23 x 4 cm
  • Suitable for kids, 10 years old onwards.

Ravensburger Scandinavian Landscape 500-Piece Puzzle brings hours of quality family entertainment and a design piece for your home.

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