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Miso the Siamese Cat (Beanie Bellie)

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Miso is your favorite siamese kitty. This little one has a beautiful white, grey and black coat. and cute little embroidered, pink paws. Sitting up straight with a tiltable head, Beanie Belly Miso won't miss a thing! Ready to listen and play with you anytime.


June 1


I'm a soft kitty as sweet as can be.
Let's take a nap, you can next to me.
When we wake up, we'll stretch and yawn.
I'll purr by your head to move you along.

  • Made with super soft beige and brown fabric
  • Sparkly blue glitter eyes
  • An adorable little Siamese cat with a cute little nose
  • Uniquely shaped, sitting in an attentive pose
  • Embroidered paws that reach out to hug you
  • Happily snuggles at home or on trips
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • Approx 20cm tall

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