Mad Mattr

Mad Mattr Quantum Builders Pack (Red)

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Awesome sensory experience

  • Red Mad Mattr
  • Brick moulds

Kids of all ages love to stretch their imagination muscle with Mad Mattr! This super-soft building compound easily molds and shapes into endless creations, inspiring open-ended play. Cleanups a breeze, and when molded and sculpted into any shape you like, its texture is incredibly smooth to the touch. You have to try it! Its unique, non-toxic formula is gluten, casein, and wheat free. With the included Ultimate Brick Maker, just form your bricks out of Mad Mattr and make masterpieces come to life. Then smash the dough and start all over again!

Whats in the box

  • Nearly 300g of Mad Mattr
  • Ultimate Brick Maker

The bricks actually connect together!

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