Doctor Set in Carry Case

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The Doctor Set in Carry Case includes everything your child needs to immerse themselves in make-believe and develop their creative thinking skills.

The set is complete with fourteen adorable medical instruments, including a stethoscope, thermometer, gloves, masks, syringe,cotton buds,colourfull bandaid and more which are all contained in a gorgeous, vintage-style carry case. 

Doctor’s Set features:
  • Recommended for children aged three years and older.
  • Easy storage and portability – includes a vintage-style carry case, with a closure and a carry handle, to store all of your child’s instruments.
  • Fun and realistic play set encourages imagination and role-play.

Set Includes:
  • Carry Case– 25cm (w) x 8cm (h) x 18.5cm (d).
  • 10ml - Syringe.
  • 20ml - Syringe.
  • 4 bandaids
  • 4 x Masks.
  • 2 x Gloves.
  • Thermometer.
  • 1 x stethoscope.
  • 1 x PBT Bandage.
  • 1 x Tweezer.
  • 1 x Medical Record card.

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