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Battlebots Rivals Platinum (Whiplash & Sawblaze)

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BattleBots season 10's Whiplash and Sawblaze are rolling out with Rivals Platinum! With added motors, rechargeable batteries, and enhanced weapons, these bots are ready for some serious battling!

Power up with the newest HEXBUG BattleBots set, Rivals Platinum! Featuring the latest designs from Season 10, Whiplash and SawBlaze join the fight. With all-new features, these BattleBots are ready to level up the battle! IT'S MORE POWERFUL! Each bot uses an additional motor that enhances the functionality of its weapon for increased combat options! IT'S RECHARGEABLE! LiPo battery allows for extended fun. These bots are size compatible with all BattleBots IR products. Battle up to four bots simultaneously with a multiple-channel controller. Knock your opponent’s armor off to win the battle, reattach the armor, and prepare for round two!

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