STEAM Kids Magnet Exploration

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Explore the magic power of magnetic fields. Transform the super magnet set to perform various fun experiments and games.

Contains over 40 components for playing 25 fun games.

Make a pencil float in mid-air, engineer a personal transporter using the principle of the maglev train.

Required from home (not included) metal paper clip, shallow tray, plastic sheet, sticky tape. 

Experiments include

  • Magnetic Compass
  • Levitron
  • Magnetic Spring
  • Magnetic Weight Scale
  • Table UFO
  • Maglev Person Transporter
  • Magnetic Sculpture
  • Floating Spinner
  • Fishing Game
  • Compass Yacht
  • Anti-Gravitt Sculpture
  • Magnet racer
  • Random Propelling Machine
  • Mysterious Dangler
  • Magnet Yacht 

Age: 8+

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